CHASING RHYTHMS How Mawa Keita does music, plus everything else


Mawa Keita is a Guinean American music artist that finds great purpose in living a productive and creative life. By day, she uses her talents in technology to help improve patient care at a community health center in Brooklyn. By night, its anything and everything music related.


Mawa does not believe in limiting herself. If there is a way to obtain what she wants, she goes for it. "The trick is good planning," she said, in a recent interview with OMN7, "really, we can have what we have been dreaming about right now. There is no reason to wait when all it takes is hard work and encouraging friends."

A (Rushed) Open Letter to Kanye West

Dear Kanye,

I was in middle school when I was first introduced to your music. Listening on the radio, I heard “Through the Wire” for the first time and I just remember the line where you said “I looked like Tom Cruise in Vanilla Sky.” I hadn’t seen the movie, I didn’t know who you were or what you looked like or why you looked like Tom Cruise, but I had heard OF that movie and that line for whatever reason stuck with me.

Fast forward a few days and I saw the music video for the first time. All the pictures flying by in the video and the clips of you in the studio and hanging out with DeRay Davis I thought was cool. But the main takeaway came later at school when rumors swirled that Diana Ross, who you sampled in the track, was your mother. Of course, we know now that wasn’t true -- all respect to Ms. Donda West and rest in peace queen...........

Donald Trump, Hip-Hop, and Misogyny

Normally I do not care to comment on political Facebook posts (at least not publicly) but one in particular caught my eye. One of my friends addressed the hypocrisy in Americans being critical of President-Elect Trump for his misogynistic language while still listening to hip-hop in which even the most conscious artists have been “poster-children” for misogyny..........

Mac & Cheese 4 Review

What would have avoided a sophomore slump for French Montana has been released as a high quality, free mixtape online.  French continues to prove that he is one of the mixtape greats with his latest project Mac & Cheese 4. 

When J. Cole wrote 'Power Trip' he said in an interview that he had figured out the trick to making hit singles and ultimately great music. It seems that Montana has hit this same point in his career.....................